Monday, October 9, 2023


As I shared last week I'm on an OctoberQUEST to TAKEback my life in Jesus name! As I've shared many times I'm years behind on almost everything and nothing epitomizes that more than the 7 year & 5 month old cell phone that has been slowing me down everyday for the past 4 years. Technology is great when it enables you to be more efficient & effective, but it's awful when it actually makes you much less efficient & much less effective. I can't tell you how many God-awesome posts and uploads I haven't been able to make from GTD events because my old phone couldn't cut the mustard... so many encouraging things I longed to share that God was doing, but my lagging technology wouldn't allow me to because it would take hours (that I didn't have) to do basic tasks. Do you know how many people got saved this summer? Baptized? Encouraged? Rededicated their lives? No!! Because I couldn't post hardly anything. I was charging my old phone 4 to 5 times per day. My GPS was sometimes 8 miles behind where I was on the map. Forget finding a different Emergency Room when the one you prepared for has closed. I could tell you story after story where lagging technology created more of a challenge than no technology at all. Getting a new phone has been one of the most important things I've needed to do for a loooong time. This probably all sounds funny since I run a ministry based on taking people away from their technology to plug into The Ultimate Power Source, but thankfully I can run most of GTD off of a good smartphone when I'm away from the office. An old outdated lagging smartphone hindered me greatly. Soooooooo I'm beyond thrilled to be typing this post up on my BRAND NEW SAMSUNG GALAXY S23 ULTRA which is BLAZING FAST!! I'm not used to an app opening in less than 5 minutes, much less instantly!! I've had the phone for several days and it is immediately a GAME CHANGER!! My main mode of communication is text messaging and I often have to refer to past texts for critical business information so I was ecstatic to find out that I could import all my text messages from the past 7+ years into my new phone instead of having to start from scratch and keep referring back to my old phone. I had nearly 175,000 texts on my old phone that all transferred over. Anyways, instead of holding me back like an anchor like my old phone was doing, I'm thrilled at how much this new phone is already assisting me in my OctoberQUEST to TAKEback my life in Jesus name! This also means that you'll be seeing a whole lot more social media posts, pictures, videos, and updates from me & GTD... which may not excite you, but it sure makes me happy. There are so many important tasks I'm now able to do again from my phone instead of waiting to get back home to my PC. This is a big deal for me! That's a BIG TAKEback VICTORY for me! Thank You Jesus!!