Monday, August 21, 2023


Despite a lackluster bioluminescence glow at Friday night's annual GLOW Bioluminescence Paddling Event in Safety Harbor our crew of 44 people still had a good time enjoying an awesome sunset, a surprisingly wonderful nighttime temperature, a fun nocturnal paddle on Tampa Bay, some healthy exercise, and some good fellowship. 
The bioluminescent plankton were there, but we got on the water a little too early and didn't get to experience the level of darkness needed to really see the amazing bioluminescent bright blue glow. We also had the artificial lights of a nearby sports stadium to contend with till 10pm. The tradeoff to getting started too early was that we got to see an incredible Florida sunset from on top of the Tampa Bay waters!

We put a lot of work into preparing for this event and cleaning up from this event so huge thanks to Jan, Carson, & Lauren with the prep work and Laurie & Dad with the clean-up. All-in-all it took 5 days of work in some pretty brutal heat to run this 4 hour event! We love & cherish our Volunteers & Staff!! Thank you guys!

Aaaaaaaaaand a HUGE THANKS to Cocoa Kayaking for donating 15 AMAZING Perception Rambler Tandem Kayaks (at the beginning of this year) that helped make this fun adventure possible and comfortable!! You guys rock! We love our generous supporting businesses!
Aaaaaaaaand another HUGE THANKS to our PHENOMENAL donors & supporters who make FREE events like this possible!! 40 participants & 4 GTDers were very blessed by this event! We love you guys!!!