Friday, July 1, 2022


I'm way behind on updates. That's my update LOL!
Please keep our parents in your prayers. 
Mom was diagnosed with COVID several days ago and had to be moved to another rehab center for 10 days. So far her symptoms have been mild PTL! This is the first time that Mom hasn't had daily visitors and possibly the first time she has ever gone a week without seeing her family. 
Dad was hospitalized for a few days with a leg infection that has been hard to diagnose. He has returned home, but is in a lot of back & knee pain. He is having a hard time walking with a walker as well as being able to physically get out of bed or stand up from the sofa. He is also lonely since Mom has been in the rehab center for over 2 months and Traci & I are now at the rehab center instead of being at their home.
I am getting over a weird summer cold that has lingered for about 10 days since I got back from our first round of adventure camps. Coughing so hard all night to the point of throwing-up. No fever. Tested negative for COVID. Just fatigue, sore throat, and a nagging night-time cough that prevents sleep. It wiped me out, but I'm finally feeling better PTL =)
This is a family picture from right before all the sickness. We took Mom to a follow-up visit with the doctor that repaired her broken femur. (Her leg is healing great, and the doctor even thought that her x-ray looked more like a younger person because of the way & rate that it was healing.) After the doctor visit we were all able go out for a late lunch at a local diner. I can't tell you how much Mom was laughing and making us all laugh. She says the funniest things. It was a GREAT family moment that we are still savoring now =) 
Special thanks to Tom, Cindy, Diane, and other friends and neighbors that have been helping our parents so much! Our parents (as well as Traci & I) are so blessed with wonderful neighbors, friends, & family!