Saturday, July 2, 2022

PIVOT!! Praise The Lord!

PIVOT!! What a wild and amazing night for the team in Costa Rica! Around 8pm Tropical Storm Bonnie made an abrupt southwestern turn back towards the area our CCF ZSOM mission team just arrived in (La Fortuna de Bagaces - "LFdB"). The 11pm update showed it tracking right for this area. The local people were helping some loved ones off of the mountains. THEN in the final hours TS Bonnie abruptly pivoted to the northwest into Lake Nicaragua and then back southwest and completely around LFdB. Wow, that was WILD! PTL, the team is safe & sound!!! They had heavy rains all night, but were miraculously spared the tropical storm level impacts. It has a supernatural feel to it. Hopefully that pivot into Lake Nicaragua minimized devastation throughout the entire region. We will learn more throughout the next few days. About 6 years ago they had a similar storm that triggered devastating landslides that obliterated homes & businesses and ended some lives throughout the region. Thank you so much for your prayers!!