Wednesday, May 19, 2021


Last Saturday the phenomenal Hebert family volunteered at GTD Central Command (aka: my house) while we were running our paddleboarding trip. They came over and constructed a paddleboard rack and painted about 40 trim boards. They did a wonderful job, and I can't tell you how much they blessed my heart and this ministry! Thank you so much Hebert family!!! You guys rock!
With 11 days remaining until we head to NC to run our summer camps we still have several projects to complete and I could use some more awesome volunteers!!
Below are the dates I have scheduled for Volunteer Work Days. Let me know what dates and times you can help out. 
* SAT May 22 (12:30p - 6:30p)
* MON May 24 (9a - 4p)
* WED May 26 (9a - 4p)
* FRI May 28 (9a - 4p)
* SAT May 22 (12:30p - 6:30p)
Tasks include several GTD projects and home repair / renovation projects. These include things like: 
<> Reorganize our equipment trailer (out with the old; in with the new!) AND finish minor repairs 
<> Detail, organize, & prep trucks 
<> Repair dog box
<> Build 2 more portable showers
<> Install security lights
<> Install security cameras 
<> Install 16 ft rear gate on rollers 
<> Transfer mailbox from side of house to front yard
<> Attach trim boards around windows
<> Caulk around all windows and any openings
<> Painting, painting, & more painting
<> Pressure washing (many things!)
<> Stain & treat wood fencing that will be used around the perimeter of the property to protect our gear
<> Trim trees
<> Finish organizing garage as workshop, laundry area, & fitness area 
<> Build Pergola 
<> Many more things!
Hopefully this gives you an idea of the kind of projects I need help with. They range in skill levels from "No specific skills needed" to "Skilled workers needed" and everything in-between. 
If you're interested in helping, volunteering, and serving we would love your help! I've got the dates above set aside for Volunteer Work Days if you're able to come out for a few hours on one or some of these. 
Also, like Team Hebert you can arrange to come over on other days or times I won't be here... or like Team McCormick you may find that there are projects that you can take home and do on your own timeline.
If you're interested and available then let me know however you can... Leave a comment below or private message me or email or call the GTD Adventure Hotline and leave a voicemail (this is an office phone so it doesn't receive text messages... 727-394-9483) or text me if you have my cellphone number... or build a fire and send me a smoke signal =) 
Thank you in advance for your partnership and help in this ministry... many hands make for light work =) 
God bless you!