Sunday, May 9, 2021


Happy Mother's Day to one of the toughest and funniest moms on the planet. Usually on Mother's Day you post a flattering picture of your Mom with some gushing words that epitomizes her selfless and giving character. So that's exactly what this post is... Last weekend my Mom fell around 4am while coming back from the bathroom. We've probably prevented over 100 falls over the past 4+ months of 24/7 caregiving, but this is one that fell through the cracks. She hit the top of her head on the dresser. The gash would later require a trip to the ER and 4 staples. While laying face down on the floor at 4am at the end of the bed in the shape of a typical chalk outline of a deceased body you would see on a TV detective show my Mom simply said, "Excuse me" in a humorous tone to my Dad who was about to step on her (LOL!). Dad heard the thud and got out of bed to check on her. With some help she sat up. As we tended to her wound with blood flowing down her head saturating her hair my Mom, without missing a beat and with perfect comedic timing, simply said, "I always wanted to be a red head!" Hahahahahahaha!!! In that moment the essence of my Mom was captured. Selfless, giving, strong, peaceful, and never-wanting-to-be-the-center-of-attention she cracks a joke that puts laughter in our hearts, sets us all at ease, and reminds us that she'll never be a victim... she'll always be the first reponder - even in her own injury. In the middle of her personal suffering she is always more concerned about us than she is about herself. That's my Mom being a MOM! Later on that morning Traci took Mom to the ER. Mom had 4 staples put into her head WITH NO PAIN MEDS (or even a bite stick). And what did she ask for?! A box of Kleenex to wipe away her tears?? No way! Just a bowl of ice cream so she could savor the moment while sitting on the ER bed with 4 staples in her head. So while these pictures are a little unorthodox for a Mother's Day post they are some of the most flattering and gushing (no pun intended) pictures and words I could ever show and tell to describe my Mom and how special, amazing, strong, funny, and truly beautiful she is. Even with blood oozing down her face =) 
God totally nailed it when He invented MOMS! Happy Mother's Day to all you selfless, strong, loving Moms out there!! This day is for you!