Monday, April 26, 2021



Last week someone stole one of GTD's retired EZ-UP 10 x 10 portable canopies from my backyard. They also tried to steal one of our kayaks. Thankfully I keep all of the kayaks locked with metal cables so he/she could only pull the kayak out about 4 or 5 feet. Then they picked up the retired canopy and took off with it. 
I don't have fencing set-up at either end of my property so access in & out of the backyard is very easy. One of my neighbors down the street found the canopy the next day along with 2 stolen bikes (not mine) stashed near her house. 
Soooooooo guess what the next work project is!! You got it - SECURE THE PERIMETER! The yellow dashed lines in the picture represents the remaining portions of the property that needs fencing.
I've already had most of the fencing and security lights for a couple of years... so now is the time to tackle this project. I've also got security cameras on the way. 
CALLING ALL VOLUNTEERS!! ...Here's our next Volunteer Work Schedule:
  <> Wed April 28 (Noon-4p) @ my house
  <> Thur April 29 (Noon-4p) @ my house
  ** Fri April 30 (9a-4p) Kayak Day Trip (Seminole, FL)
  ** Sat May 1 (9a-5p) Kayak Day Trip (Seminole, FL)
  <> Mon May 3 (Noon-4p) @ my house
  <> Wed May 5 (Noon-4p) @ my house
  <> Thur May 6 (Noon-4p) @ my house
  <> Fri May 7 (Noon-4p) @ my house
If you're interested in helping, volunteering, and serving we would love your help! If you're available & want to help then let me know however you can... Leave a comment below or private message me or email or call the GTD Adventure Hotline and leave a voicemail (this is an office phone so it doesn't receive text messages... 727-394-9483) or text me if you have my cellphone number... or build a fire and send me a smoke signal =) 
Thank you in advance for your partnership and help in this ministry... many hands make for light work =)