Friday, April 16, 2021



We sold out on SLAMMED so we invented CRAMMED so that 50 more people could go on a God-awesome GTD adventure this summer! 
It's the same Adventure Trip as SLAMMED, but with a different name so you can tell them apart easier. SLAMMED is scheduled for June 30 - July 4, but CRAMMED is scheduled for June 2-6. Both events will be in the same city (Brevard, NC), but at different campgrounds. And both events will be for the same unheard of price of ONLY $25 to celebrate 25 years of ministry!! 
Currently we have about 25 people on the SLAMMED Waiting List. This is how it will work. The 50 SLAMMED participants that have already registered will be given a few days to decide if they want to stay with their reservation for SLAMMED or transfer over to CRAMMED. Once that offer expires then we will open up CRAMMED (and any newly available spots for SLAMMED if anyone transferred their trip) to those signed up on the SLAMMED Waiting List in the order that they signed up. After that (around April 25th) we will open any remaining spots up to the general public. Soooooooo the best way to get in line for CRAMMED is to sign up on the SLAMMED Waiting List on this link
We hope everyone who wants to go gets to go! It's the first time we've ever run 2 of these public events in one summer... and for a total of 100 people. 
It's a great way to celebrate 25 years!!
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