Thursday, April 8, 2021


My sister & I have the great honor of helping take care of our parents. I'm averaging about 85 hours per week at my parents' house. It's like I've picked up 2 full time jobs to go with my other full time job. Currently I have about 7 weeks until our summer Adventure Trips begin and I'm way behind on several GTD projects and home repair / renovation projects. These include things like: 
<> Reorganize our equipment trailer (out with the old; in with the new!) AND finish repairing all 3 doors... repair rear flooring... minor exterior repairs... reinforce shelving... stain / paint unfinished wood. 
<> Cut & screw down a new layer of plywood as new flooring in our 8' x 40' storage container in the backyard 
<> Transfer A LOT of GTD gear from the garage, house, & shed to the storage container
<> Organize garage as workshop, laundry area, & fitness area
<> Build 2 more portable showers
<> Build 1 more simple wooden kayak rack
<> Stain & treat wood fencing that will be used around the perimeter of the property to protect our gear
<> Painting, painting, & more painting
<> Pressure washing (many things!)
<> Wash & dry approximately 20 sleeping bags 
<> Remove a kitchen wall and take down the remaining drywall in the kitchen
<> Remove wall insulation & caulk any & all air leaks then reinstall insulation
<> Prep / level old floor and install new flooring
<> Install new kitchen cabinets 
<> Build Pergola 
<> Many more things!
Hopefully this gives you an idea of the kind of projects I need help with. They range in skill levels from "No specific skills needed" to "Skilled workers needed" and everything in-between. 
If you're interested in helping, volunteering, and serving we would love your help! I've got the weekend of April 17-18 (9a - 6p each day) set aside as a Volunteer Work Weekend if you're able to come out for a few hours. Also, generally speaking, I will have 2 or 3 weekdays each week Mon - Fri (between 9am - 4pm) when I will be working on the same projects listed above and could use a lot of help.
If you're interested and available then let me know however you can... Leave a comment below or private message me or email or call the GTD Adventure Hotline and leave a voicemail (this is an office phone so it doesn't receive text messages... 727-394-9483) or text me if you have my cellphone number... or build a fire and send me a smoke signal =) 
Thank you in advance for your partnership and help in this ministry... many hands make for light work =)