Friday, May 8, 2020


I've been in my fixer upper house / GTD home office for 2 years now and I haven't been able to tackle one MAJOR renovation project... until now, that is!

I've collected A LOT of supplies (mostly good deals off of Offer Up) and I've amassed a good collection of tools & equipment since I was a teenager... aaaaaand I've watched a ton of home improvement shows as well as YouTube videos about the specific projects on my to-do list.

(I had my roof replaced last year, but that was done by a roofing company.)

I've completed a handful of smaller projects, but I just haven't had the chance to tackle any major renovation projects... and that has been killing me for 2 years now.

GTD originally had April open on the calendar and we were lining up a bunch of GTD volunteers to help with the work projects for April & May... but then the Coronavirus hit.

The social distancing prevented getting a bunch of volunteers, but the self isolation afforded me the opportunity to tackle MY FIRST MAJOR HOME RENOVATION - the exterior of the house (and GTD home office).

Prior to purchasing the house I had it treated for termites. I knew there was some damage, but there was no way of telling the extent of the damage without getting inside of the walls.

After extensive pressure washing, removal of decorative trim boards, and picking away at rotten wood siding it became apparent that I had a pretty big job ahead of me.

Thankfully it appears that at least 75% of the house seems to have strong bones, but that's honestly a guesstimate because I lost my Xray vision when I turned 49.

That leaves about 25% of the siding and structure that has significant past termite damage and wood rot. AKA, MY FIRST MAJOR HOME RENOVATION PROJECT!!

So about 5 weeks ago I started on the renovation of my home's exterior. I honestly thought it would take me 1 week to complete. WRONG! I'm 5 weeks into this and still have a few more weeks to go.

It may sound a little weird, but I've always wanted a fixer-upper and to tackle all kinds of major renovations... so while this is a "rotten" situation it's actually a wanted situation. I'm actually living my dreams (and all while enjoying some amazing weather outside!)!

So I work from morning till early evening about 5 days per week on this project.

I apologize because I'm way behind on ministry updates and there are several people to whom (is that the right time to use "whom"? haha) I need to return calls, texts, & emails. I'm kind of knee deep in a major project that is taking way longer than imagined... and I need to complete it before rainy season & adventure camps begin.

So here are some pics of the damage I've encountered... I'm currently right in the middle of the biggest repair to date which is on the last section of the house. I intentionally left the worst for last so that I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm so glad I didn't start with the worst section because I think it may have slowed my momentum.

Stay tuned for more pics & updates... and hopefully the "after" pictures of Phase 1 of a newly renovated exterior =)

Living the dream... one rotten board at a time ;)

Thank You Jesus!

Stay safe! Stay healthy! Advance your position!