Wednesday, May 6, 2020


During the first week of social distancing I was able to tackle the past 7 months of expense entries. One of my ministry responsibilities is being the GTD Bookkeeper. And yes, it's just as glamorous as it sounds ;)

Because I'm on the road up to 5 months each year running events I have to enter the receipts during openings in the schedule. I stay on top of all of our income (donations and event revenues... as well as physical deposits to the bank) on a weekly or monthly bases.

Since almost 100% of our monthly, quarterly, & annual bills are set-up for auto-pay every bill gets paid on time. But I still have to enter those expenses (plus our constantly occurring trip receipts) whenever I get opportunities. Oftentimes it takes months before I can tackle the pile of receipts.

Last August & September my parents had health issues that required daily care and I had all types of immediate issues to deal with (flea infestation in my house, drying out wet summer gear during the Sept rainy season, broken down washer & dryer, blah, blah, blah). I wasn't able to enter the receipts at that time. Then came the Annual Banquet, fundraising season, & the fall trips. I wasn't able to enter the receipts at that time. Then came Christmas and I needed a couple of weeks off. Then came the January thru March camping trips. I wasn't able to enter the receipts at that time.

Time flies when you're having fun =). All of sudden it was the end of March and I had 7 months of receipts to enter for the ministry as well as my personal finances. Between the 2 of us (GTD & me), we have 19 different accounts (checking, savings, cash, credit cards, etc). 7 months x 19 accounts = 133 statements! Ouch!! That's a whole lot of data!

Basically, on average, it took me an entire day to enter 1 month of receipts & statements... and over the course of 7 days I was able to enter all 7 months of expenses. PRAISE THE LORD!

That's how I spent my first week of lock-down from the Coronavirus pandemic.

I'm happy to say that we are all caught up with the bookkeeping... aaaaaaaaaand that will actually come into play with my next update! (Cliff hanger for nerds!)