Friday, May 31, 2019


Our first Adventure Trip of the summer starts on Sunday aaaaaand we are already here 2 days early. It feels good to be ahead of the game and we've been doing a lot of that lately =).

Carson and I woke up at 4am this morning and started trekking 650 miles north with a full trailer in tow. We set aside plenty of time for flat tires and setbacks, but the favor of God was on us the whole way as we completed the bulk of the journey in about 10 hours without incident (Praise the Lord!). We will be in Benton, TN for a week.

Since we were up so early we are just making a couple quick & simple nests to sleep in. We will be spending the day tomorrow setting up our base camp and packing for our daily adventures. Temps are going down into the high 50's tonight!! Perfect camping weather!!!

We can't wait for the youth group from The Seed Church of Savannah, GA (my awesome cousins' church!!) to get here! We've got a God-awesome week planned for them!

Keep us in your prayers!!