Saturday, May 25, 2019


I've got about 250 feet of yard that doesn't have fencing. The dogs can't run free and I can't secure our trailers & equipment.

This week's renovation project has been to start tackling the house fencing project that I've been looking forward to for the past year. I have 55 sections of "aged" wood fencing and 58 "retired" 4x4's"s. Both the fencing and the 4x4's have rotted ends, but if trimmed down still has a lot of life in them.

So far I've cut 4 inches of rotten wood off the bottom of 26 sections of fencing & 2.5 feet of rotten wood off of about twenty 4x4's.

I plan on pressure washing, staining, and raising the wood fence a few inches off the ground as I install it around the backyard of the house.

I don't think the 4x4's will be tall enough to use for the fence project, but they should come in handy for garden boxes, shed flooring footers, & raised patio deck footers.

It's hard work, but a blast! Who doesn't love playing with power tools, constructing something, being creative, saving money, using your imagination, being outdoors, being physically active, making progress, improving your situation, and earning a great night's sleep =). It's such a blessing!!

So far I've invested about $400 & 30 work hours in this project.