Tuesday, October 9, 2018


One of the most challenging aspects of running camps with a very small staff and being on the road for up to 5 months each year is all the administrative work that piles up while away. September through December is my annual time to catch-up on all the office work. This year was complicated by the fact that we had to relocate the home office. Finding & buying a house and then moving was an amazing experience, but it was extremely time consuming. It was my 2nd full-time job this year that took 6 months to execute all while running our camps. The great news is that all of the discipline applied to sticking to a wise daily routine kept me anchored in my daily devotions, consistent in my workouts, and healthy in my nutrition. The results are that I FEEL GREAT as I tackle a huge amount of admin work, prepare for our Annual Banquet, and get ready for our 23rd year of ministry! Currently I'm tackling our remaining financial entries so that our AMAZING ACCOUNTANTS - Fredrick James Accounting (who volunteer their services to GTD each year!!!) can submit our corporate taxes to the IRS by Nov 15th. I'm almost halfway through the projected 210 hours of data entries that piled up this year while moving and away at camps. 210 hours is the equivalent of a little more than five 40-hour work weeks that I'm working like a mad-man to do in under 3 weeks while tending to my other responsibilities. It's tedious, monotonous, and wrought with redundancy, but this nerd actually enjoys it. But I do look forward to completing it, being caught up, and getting to spend some quality time with our phenomenal faithful supporters who God uses to make this ministry possible. I can't wait for that!! We have so many people to thank, and hug, and rejoice with! But for the next week I'm playing catch-up in front of a computer screen entering receipts, expenses, and statements. A couple times each day I come up for air... then it's back to work =). Thank you supporters and friends of GTD for your prayers, love, and encouragement as we plod through another great year of ministry!