Thursday, February 1, 2018


I'm starting my 7th month of striving after healthy championship level disciplines. Last year God revealed to me that I have the discipline of a winner, but not of a CHAMPION. Challenge accepted! Thank you Coach Jesus! Last month was my hardest month. My daily routine was getting (and still is) mundane regardless of attempts to infuse variety. There wasn't a single day that I felt like working out. In fact, I DIDN'T WANT TO workout EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. So what did I do??? Well, WINNERS are pleased with 6 months of consistency and start relaxing their disciplines. But CHAMPIONS persevere through the boredom. I'm happy to say that I never missed a single day. And I can sense the breakthrough happening. It's an awesome thing!

It's been said that the key to success in any diet or nutrition plan is endurance... to stay consistent even after the excitement, newness, and urgency for change turns into a feeling of "same ole, same ole". That same truth holds true for just about any healthy endeavor. At some point you're going to lose all motivation and desire to keep doing healthy things over and over day after day. Not because you're not SEEING the importance of what you're striving after. But rather because you're not FEELING the importance of what you're striving after. Most people give up in this moment not realizing that this is the most vital time to push through. It's your MUNDANE MOMENT that happens in every great endeavor. You've grown a little bored with your routine and no matter how much you try to change things up, it still feels mundane and almost "lifeless" even though it is actually producing life. What is this? This is your personal self imposed limitation that you've been developing over a lifetime. It marks the highest you've ever pushed yourself to reach and the furthest you've ever pushed yourself to go without a coach or team or partner helping you push through. What do you do? You push through. You master the mundane. You stop letting your life, your health, your finances, your walk with God, your unmet potential be sabotaged by your feelings. This is your opportunity to grow past the limits of your emotions and breaking through to greater and greater things. The only solution for mastering the mundane moments is by getting up and fighting. Fight for your life. Fight for your health. Fight for finances. Fight for your walk with God. Fight for your family. Fight for your God-breathed potential. Stop letting your emotions dictate your behavior. Grow. Grow. Grow. Let wisdom and fruit and results influence your behavior. Push through the mundane moments because everything you're striving after lies on the other side of your emotional blockades. Maturity is a beautiful and wonderful thing. It's worth every effort, every bead of sweat, every momentary sacrifice. But to get there you have to make yourself do what you don't feel like doing. That's what healthy self discipline is... it's fighting for things worth fighting for when you feel like staying in bed or you feel like giving up. Push through the boredom. It's temporary. Master the mundane. It's like a fleeting test. It's a measurement of your growth thus far, not a ceiling to how high you can grow. Push through. Press on. Master the mundane.

"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up." - Galatians 6:9