Saturday, February 24, 2018


A few weeks ago it looked like this year's PADDLE PROWL was going to be sold out, but several people had to cancel for a variety of reasons. Today we embarked on this great adventure with a small group of superb people (including pocket Aqua Dave)! Hey, 7 is the Lord's perfect number =).

We paddled 9 miles in 6 hours from Collier-Seminole State Park to Jackfish Island at the edge of the Ten Thousand Islands in the Gulf of Mexico. The last 2 miles were very challenging, but our destination made it all worth it. We feel like we are in paradise on our own personal island. The cool breeze is extraordinary. Temperatures are perfect. Sunset. Rainbow. Dolphins. Jackson caught a bull shark and a bunch of fish. Delicious meals. Great fellowship & bonding. So many good moments.

Our nightly impact point was about "course corrections" and how God can use canoeing as a modern day parable of staying on course with God or adjusting our course when we start getting off track in our walk with God. We've got a map, GPS, destination, capable bodies, adequate wisdom... but are we trending towards God's plan for our life or getting off course. In Acts 9 God intervened with one of the greatest course corrections in history when Saul was ambushed by Jesus and converted from a persecutor of Christians and transformed into the greatest missionary of all time... with a new name - Paul.

We are all nestled in our tents listening to the crashing waves while being hugged by the most amazing breezes. It's the perfect night =)

Tomorrow we break camp and jump on the prowl by paddling 3 miles to a marina in Goodland. But tonight we simply savor the fruits of our labor =)

I love this trip!!