Saturday, January 13, 2018

UPDATE: $78,498 RAISED!! ...ONLY $21.5k LEFT TO GO!! ...2018 THEME: "PIVOTAL"

UPDATE: $78,498 RAISED!!
.......ONLY $21.5k LEFT TO GO!!

(100k Goal Deadline: Jan 31st)


We continue to be blown away by our supporters!! Even over the holidays our ministry family continued to give. We are jaw dropped! Thank you so much generous friends!!!

With 18 full days remaining, our 100k fundraising goal is within reach!

We are only 1.5k away from 80k, then 10k away from 90k, then 10k from hitting our God-sized goal of 100k!! That's absolutely AMAZING!!

Our theme for 2018 is: "PIVOTAL" (or PIVOT-ALL). This is the year we begin to pivot to bigger and better things while maintaining all the God-awesome aspects of GTD that have been developed over the past 22 years. This is the year we begin to pivot our focus to deeper education, equipping, and training in areas of discipleship, leadership development, and character development. IN ADDITION, this is the year when we begin to pivot in prayer for a "Joshua" to start phasing in as my apprentice to one day lead the next generation of adventurers. I've still got A LOT left in the tank, but we will eventually need a younger person to effectively connect with the next few generations while I pivot to training, teaching, writing, speaking, and ministry planting. God's vision for us is BIG, and it requires us to be able to pivot at pivotal times. We are drafting a 3, 5, and 10 year plan to make a greater impact in the upcoming generations. Now is the time to begin to pivot our dreams & imagination to what could be possible 10 years from now if we are willing to pivot today.

Laurie and I look forward to sharing much more with you about this year's vision & theme as we return to our Facebook Live videos next week.


(To invest and GTD and help propel us to our 100k goal by Jan 31st click on this link. God bless you!!)