Wednesday, November 16, 2016

FILL THAT BUCKET!! (Another $2000 raised!)



Our most recent thousand dollar donation milestones came through generous donors that contributed what's referred to as "smaller donations" (it's all BIG to us!). When added together they make a HUGE impact! It's just like filling a bucket with large cups of water... it doesn't take long to FILL THAT BUCKET!

It all adds up fast! It only takes 4 people pledging $25/month for 12 months OR 5 people making a one-time donation of $200 (or a combination of the two) to equal $1000 and FILL THAT BUCKET!

Our goal is to fill 100 "buckets" by the end of the year!

You can help us hit our 100k goal! Become a Champion Donor by making a one-time donation of $1000 or more (or making a monthly pledge of $85 or more for the next 12 months). Or become a Synergy Donor by adding your donation or monthly pledge to the "bucket" and watching it fill up real fast.

Every dollar & every monthly pledge counts towards the goal. Your donation will make a HUGE impact in and through this ministry!

To make a one-time donation, sponsor a table, and/or become a Monthly Partner (as well as seeing the current level of the bucket and to track our overall progress) click on this link.

You can make a difference!

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