Wednesday, November 30, 2016


I learned a long time ago that you can't run a non-profit organization without the help of a lot of great people. Jerry Mullins is one of those great and generous people! Jerry owns "Mullins Enterprises & Concrete Pumping" in Pinellas Park, FL and serves on the City Council. He has supported our ministry in a lot of different ways for several years. Now he is doing it again. We are humbled & thrilled to share with you that Jerry Mullins has donated a 24' enclosed trailer that is in solid condition to GTD. That's a MAJOR BLESSING to us! Since GTD is a mobile ministry two of our most important pieces of equipment are the trailers that hold the adventure gear and the vehicles that pull those trailers. Without these pieces of equipment we couldn't get all the gear to the many different locations that we host events. In other words, these items are vital to accomplishment of our mission. We couldn't function without them. This donation will enable us to duplicate our ministry and open many more opportunities for GTD to grow and expand. This is a great addition to our ministry and we want to thank Jerry for his thoughtful and kindhearted generosity that will help launch GTD into a brighter 2017 and beyond! Thank you so much Jerry for all you do to support and help so many people and causes in our community! Thank you for being a blessing to GTD! We will get MANY YEARS of great use out of this trailer! You just blessed a lot of people! God bless you Sir =)