Saturday, November 5, 2016


We are honored to announce that GTD has received a generous donation IN REMEMBRANCE OF THE FALLEN HEROES OF POLICE & FIRE DEPARTMENTS WORLDWIDE.

We are humbled and blessed to receive a donation with such a dignified sentiment. We highly esteem our Firefighters, Police Officers, and First Responders as they daily risk their lives to save ours.

The phenomenal person who made this donation took the "GTD Thousand Dollar Challenge" by combining a Gold Table Sponsorship (for our Dec 6th Annual Banquet) along with a Monthly Pledge x 12 mths and instantly became a GTD Champion Donor.

Their thousand dollar donation is our 3rd in 4 days as we strive for 100 Champion Donations in 2 months.

You can follow all the updates of funds raised and get more details as well as donate towards the cause on the following website link:

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