Friday, September 2, 2016

Can You Imagine?

Can you imagine hiking 10 miles to see these awe inspiring views right here in our own backyard? 

Where the rock walls really are that red and the water really is that color blue?  

Can you imagine taking in the majestic site of this 100 ft waterfall found hidden deep within the canyon walls and swimming in it's refreshing blue waters?  

How about hiking just a little further down to see another one just like it but taller and more adventurous to get to?  

Can you imagine popping a tent up along side the river here or laying alongside it in a hammock reading your favorite book or eating a nice hot dinner?  

If so, you need to join GTD on our next adventure to Havasu Falls in Arizona! 

Every year Havasu Falls is open to a limited amount of campers and we personally spend hours, days and weeks on the phone trying to reserve spots for participants to go with us. This is a highly sought after location, a bucket-list trip!  A place travelers come to from all over the world to see. 

If you'd like to reserve a spot, be sure to contact us immediately as time is running out. 

The trip starts November 18th and ends the 23rd. (6 Days/5 Nights tot) (4 Days/3 Nights down in the Grand Canyon)

GTD will provide your backpacking and camping gear, full time guides, trip planning, transportation to and from designated areas, accommodations, permits, entrance and camping fees. (Does not include airfare, upgrades, or restaurant meals.). 

For more details and costs click on the Havasu Falls link found to the left of this page. (If you're on a mobile device you can find it in the drop down menu at the top of the page).