Friday, June 10, 2016


I know I'm the king of lame posts, but that's how us nerds roll.

All you understaffed ministries & small business owners out there can relate to my inner excitement to finishing the yearly financial entries. Yay!!!!!!!

This one has been hanging over my head like never before. We were out of the office & running our programs for 5 months last year and the amount of admin work that piled-up on my desk was unprecedented! I've been working like a mad man to conquer these piles. Last month I finished tackling 3500 emails. 10 days into this month and I've just completed our 2015 finances. Wow, it feels so good!

Now they are ready to go to our awesome accountant (Fredrick James Accounting).

We are getting so much done over here at GTD Headquarters and God is opening many doors of opportunities for us (as you will notice over the coming months).

We keep moving the ball forward by the grace & goodness of God =)