Tuesday, November 3, 2015

True Humility

True humility is the realization that we can't do anything apart from Jesus. The created are dependent upon The Creator. It's somewhat like a corded lamp that can't shine apart from being plugged into a power source. The lamp can exist apart from the power source, but it can't shine or ever reach the potential it was designed for. When we embrace the reality of our need for God and our actual dependence upon God then everything changes. It drives every decision we make. And it especially drives our prayer life. Prayer is the cord on the lamp, but humility is what moves the cord to plug into the power source. When we realize our dependency upon our Creator then we realize our need to plug into Him. At that point we start transforming from survivors to thrivers! Our lights begin to shine brighter & brighter. And we begin to live out our designed potential. It's a beautiful thing! We were designed to bear much fruit. We were designed to flourish. We were designed to thrive! But it all starts with humility. #THRiVE