Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Team Effort

This made my day today when I stopped by the Wilt's home to drop off my dress for the banquet to have it taken in.  Bill and Sharon are two of GTD's Ministry Partners who have been part of the ministry longer than I have!  Bill really loved seeing the GTD truck we drive and so I suggested he jump on in and get a feel for it!  They both just loved it!  He sat in the seat, kicked the tires, looked under the hood and checked out all it's bells and whistles.  To me, it was so cool to share it with them and the story on how the truck was donated to our ministry after both of our vehicles had broken down about 5 years ago.  Can you imagine, a truck....picked out and donated to your ministry???  Seriously, how blessed were we to have received such a priceless gift considering we are a mobile ministry and without a vehicle there would be no GTD!  This truck is one of our most important pieces of equipment needed to run the ministry and we are so grateful to the incredible couple who saw a need and had it met.  We are beyond humbled to receive such a gift.  Thank you to the Wilts for allowing me to share the story of this blessing with you today and for your great enthusiasm.  Also, thank you to our amazing friends who have helped make the last 5 years of ministry possible by donating the truck!  This ministry truly is a team effort with those who have partnered with us through the years!