Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Victoria & Avery Harvest Mission Team

Costa Rica Day 5 (Harvest Church)

This is our first mission trip, and so far it has been an awesome experience. The first day after we arrived in La Fortuna, our bodies were having some trouble adjusting. We had to get used to the climate and the different diet. But once we started working, we slowly got into the swing of things. Each day has been filled with various activities including construction, devotionals, swimming, testimonies, and bonding with our team and the locals. Our construction project consists of building a dormitory for the people who come to serve as missionaries and also others who come to participate in camps that the church puts on.  

Each morning after breakfast, we are given a passage from Psalms, we break off and do devotionals. After a few minutes we come together and share what God has laid on our hearts regarding the passage we read. Each person’s interpretation of God’s word never ceases to amaze us. We also got to be a part of their church service yesterday. Although there is a language barrier we all worship the same God and sing most of the same songs. To hear the two different languages mesh as one big song of praise is so heartwarming and refreshing. They worship freely without the fear of judgment, whether it’s dancing like a crazy person or singing at the top of their lungs.

We are about to start our first day of Vacation Bible School; the kids will be playing games, making crafts, and hearing the word of God. After meeting a few of the local kids, and playing and interacting with them, we could not be more excited to meet the other kids that are apart of the church and the community. We hope to be an example of God’s unconditional love and to provide a place of protection.

We are so thankful for this opportunity and for the thoughts and prayers that have contributed to this mission, and we can’t wait to see what the rest of the mission trip has in store for us.

Pura Vida!
Avery & Victoria