Monday, December 1, 2014

"Value Others Above Yourselves"

One of the most distinguishing character qualities that should be evident in a Christian is selfLESSness - the willful decision to put other people's interest above our own. This includes the motives for which we put others above ourselves. Some people teach that putting others above ourselves is one of the best ways to get what we want, "If you help others get what they want then they will help you get what you want." or "When you help others then it makes you feel good." Motives count. The motive for putting others first shouldn't be done for a self serving agenda, because it then is no longer selfLESS, but rather becomes selfish in its intent. The true reason that Christians should put others first is genuine care & overflow. If my heart is in synch with God's heart then I will genuinely care about others above myself. And if I spend daily quality time in God's Word and in His presence through prayer then He fills my cup so much that it overflows. When your life overflows with the goodness of God then all you want to do is put others ahead of yourself. SelfLESSness becomes a very natural reaction from hanging out with God. It's how He rolls =)

Philippians 2:1-8