Monday, December 29, 2014


About an hour after receiving an unexpected jaw-dropping donation of $5000, I received a text from one of our amazing Ministry Partners saying he wanted to make a donation to GTD. He asked me to call him. I did. This leads me to BIG NEWS #2. He asked to stay anonymous, but our awesome supporter has decided to make a $6500 Matching Gift end-of-the-year donation to GTD!!! WOW!!! We are speechless!! We are blown away!! We are praising God for this amazing & wonderful news!!

That means that our donor is willing to match anyone and everyone's donation dollar-for-dollar up to $6500 until 11:59pm Dec 31st. That means that for every dollar you donate, he will donate a dollar. Your $50 donation becomes a $100 donation to GTD! Your $1000 donation becomes a $2000 donation to GTD!

Simply put, we are within striking distance of finishing this year in the black for the 5th straight year. We are literally standing right in the middle of a miracle-in-the-making. And we are asking you to jump right in the middle of this miracle with us. Will you consider making an end-of-the-year donation to GTD so that we can maximize this Matching Gift and finish strong in 2014? Will you help us snatch victory from the jaws of defeat?

On Dec 25th, it seemed like a foregone conclusion that GTD was going to lose this year's fiscal battle, BUT then God stepped in. In a matter of 2 hours on Dec 26th the tide changed. The foregone conclusion is now on the verge of becoming a foregone illusion. Will you help us keep the streak alive? Let's make it 5 years in a row of finishing in the black! Let's make it a great finish to 2014, which will make it a great start to 2015!

Click here to help us snatch victory from the jaws of defeat... click here to make the end of our 18th year of ministry a miraculous one!