Monday, December 29, 2014


On Friday GTD received an unexpected $5000 donation from a wonderful local foundation!! Until we receive permission to share who our generous donor is we will keep it anonymous.

That's a HUGE donation for our ministry! GTD is a non-profit organization and we have been on a 4 year streak of finishing in the black (not losing money), but this year we had one event that severely hemorrhaged our annual budget. As of Dec 25th, we were $15,000 in the red (losing money) this year - even after a record breaking banquet in November.

With just a few days left in the year it looked like we were going to have our first year in the red since 2009. We were licking our wounds, preparing to shake off the loss, and preparing to have a major comeback year in 2015. BUT, God seems to be interested in writing a different ending in 2014. This donation takes us within $10,000 of finishing in the black for 2014... with only a few days to go!

Do you think it can be done? Can GTD go from red to black in under a week?? Can the financial frown be turned upside down? We will see...