Wednesday, January 1, 2014

We Made It =)

We made it to the church in Fortuna de Bagaces and have been reunited with our dear Costa Rican friends. It truly feels like home & family here. Right now it is 7:30pm and I'm in bed about to go to sleep. Last night was my 6th all-nighter of 2013... a trend I hope to rid myself of 2014. With all the demands of running a ministry it usually requires about 60 hrs of work each week and then to be gone for 2 weeks (especially at the end of the month & the end of the fiscal year when so many tasks are due) it means non-stop work through the holidays just be able to leave... whaa, whaa, whaa... somebody call the "whaaambulance"! Anyways, every all-nighter feels like 5 years of life being drained out of my body. All that to say, I'm so happy right now to be in bed at 7:30pm and I'm so comfortable to have my own bunk room with a little desk fan blowing on me. These are the small answers to prayers from a weary body to which I can only say, "Thank you Jesus. This is EXACTLY what I needed." As I close my eyes I want to say thank you to my family & friends who have supported me & this ministry for 18 years (we turn 18 this month!!). My heart daily rejoices because of your encouragement & support. I also want to say how sorry I feel of the many family & friends I have fallen out of touch with because of the relentless busy-ness of running this ministry. I often look forward to getting back in touch with the people I love & respect, but have not talked to in years. I miss you all. Goodnight =)  - DUG