Friday, January 3, 2014

Perfect Day in Costa Rica!

Fantastic & productive day yesterday in Costa Rica. Had a delicious brunch & planning meeting with Pastor Danilo & his family followed by fresh coconut milk and a recon adventure to a nearby hiking trail & waterfall with or wild & crazy outdoor guru Alfredo (always a great time!). Then we had natural fruit drinks & lunch at a beauitful little hot springs area with our translator and "adopted Costa Rican son" Yikson. Afterwards we enjoyed meeting with Stephen Swain of Arbol de Vida to discuss all the progress & plans taking place on the property (as well as letting Laurie get reunited with her Costa Rican dog - "Buddy") as we ingested some authentic CR coffee. And finally we picked up the best tasting ceviche (made by Yikson's aunt) as we headed over to Lila's house to plan out the menu for our upcoming mission trip. It was an incredible day of productive work & reunions with special people we call our 2nd family... all in a little slice of paradise. The temps here are in the mid 70's with sunshine & blue skies. Got to bed around midnight. Slept great =)