Friday, November 15, 2013

Meet Ron & Brooke Cooney

Meet Brooke Cooney. She was one of our guest speakers at GTD's Annual Banquet. She is a mother and a foster parent with her husband Ron, a writer, leader, a Pastor's wife and good friend. Both her and her husband are great supporters of GTD and recently helped us to run GTD's annual trip to the Grand Canyon. Be sure to check out her blog by following this link! She is also a contributor to and

I also want to introduce you to her husband Pastor Ron Conney who is also a great friend and supporter of GTD. He was our second guest speaker at the GTD Banquet. They are a dynamic team together. Both Ron and Brooke are recently published authors in a book called #criticalIssue, #absoluteAnswers (A Solution For Students). This link will take you to the blog Raise The Risk where both Ron and Brooke are contributors. Ron is the Adult Discipleship Pastor at Calvary Baptist in Clearwater, FL where he also has served as the Student Pastor prior to his current position.