Wednesday, November 20, 2013

JAG AWARD 1: Forte's Inboard & Auto Connection

JAG AWARD 1 of 3: Forte's Inboard & Auto Connection (Dom & Clide Forte)

Our first JAG Award went out to Forte's Inboard & Auto Connection owned by husband & wife team, Dom & Clide (pronounced Clee-day) Forte. The Forte's contribution to our ministry has been monumental! Since 2006 the Forte's have supplied GTD with a 1000 square foot office and tons of storage space for our vehicles, equipment, and trailers for only $500/month. The GTD office is on the 2nd floor and is actually more like an apartment. It has 3 "bedrooms", 1 living room, 1 bathroom, and a kitchen. It serves as the GTD Headquarters where we plan out all of the GTD events. It is also the place where I (Doug) live along with the "GTD Dogz" and 4 cats (the cats belong to Laurie - our Costa Rica Missions Director - who lives at my parent's house in Largo in an extra bedroom). One of the 3 rooms serves as my work office, the 2nd room serves as Laurie's work office, and the 3rd room serves as our fitness room.

We can't thank the Forte's enough for all that they do to bless our ministry. GTD runs on a very lean budget and the Forte's significantly help us reduce our annual expenses by thousands of dollars. Think of how much money GTD saves each year because the Forte's supply us with free storage, free trailer parking, free housing for me, no fuel or vehicle usage commuting to & from work, and on-and-on. All of this is included for the $500/month office rent. In addition, the Forte's are automobile mechanics and keep our vehicles running strong all year long at a discounted rate. It's priceless to have an expert mechanic that you can trust. The rest of their staff (Beth, Chris Forte, & Tony Forte) are always helping & encouraging us in our ministry.

It is with great honor and deep appreciation that we present FORTE'S INBOARD & AUTO CONNECTION with a 2013 JAG Award for the profound impact they make, and have made, in our ministry each year since 2006. Thank you Forte's!! God bless you!!

PS: In addition to being outstanding mechanics, the Forte's also sell high-end Tige Wakeboarding Boats as well as pre-owned ski boats. So, if you are looking for a great trustworthy mechanic or a great sport's boat check out Forte's Inboard & Auto Connection on their website here:

(ABOUT THE JAG AWARD: At our Annual Banquet each year GTD presents the JAG Award to the person and/or the organization that has significantly enabled our ministry to accomplish our mission. It is the highest award we present. JAG stands for "Jerry & Ann Garner" - the parents of Doug Garner whose love, support, sacrifice, and generosity enabled the establishment & growth of Going The Distance Adventure Ministry. This year 3 JAG Awards were given out at our Annual Banquet to 3 amazing recipients.)