Wednesday, October 17, 2012

RECAP 5 & 6: Grand Canyon Rim-To-Rim Hike (Miles 15 & 16: The Colorado River)

Yip! Yip!

After 15 miles of descent down 6000 feet of elevation we made it to the Colorado River in 8 hours. We took a 1 hour break for lunch and recovery and then it was time to cross the suspension bridge (while taking a few pictures) and begin our 10 mile trek uphill.

I love that God "created" rest on the 7th day of the creation story. The reality is that our bodies need rest in order to be effective (a lesson I am very good at ignoring). That 1 hour of rest before our hike uphill was a game changer for me. I struggled during miles 12-14 with increasing aches & fatigue. But after taking a lunch break, 25 minute nap, and making a few adjustments, I felt GREAT and ready to attack the ascent. Without that rest the next 10 miles would have been brutal.

This is our final video from our rim-to-rim hike in the Grand Canyon. This footage is from mile 16 along the Colorado River... another majestic view of this incredible destination. 9 more miles to go to get to the south rim!! Glory to God we completed the entire hike in about 16 hours... it was more than amazing, it was God-awesome!! One of the BEST experiences of my life!!