Monday, October 1, 2012

Another Step Forward to the Rest of My Life (Paul Williamson)

Below are the words of participant Paul Williamson and the impact GTD's Grand Canyon Trip had on him. Actually hiking through the Grand Canyon combined with the fantastic creationism teaching series by Dr. Aaron Walp made this event nothing less than transformational!


Another step forward to the rest of my life:

The Grand Canyon, a thumb print from God on Earth for all to see. I did not seek but found biblical truth. I am now beginning to connect natural wonders on Earth to scripture. The Earth was molded and re-molded by God, his finger prints are everywhere, some like the Grand Canyon, are bigger than others. When I saw the truth of scripture in the Grand Canyon my eyes and heart were opened. What I had seen before as “cool” or “great” is now truly magnificent and beautiful, in death and in life, tree and rock. Now I see more clearly the scripture in front of me; God’s works and God’s wrath, and God’s grace. Now I begin to really connect. As I begin to see God, our God, more clearly in all that is around me, my Joy in all is just inexpressible.

-Paul Williamson