Thursday, October 11, 2012

RECAP 2: Grand Canyon Rim-To-Rim Hike (Mile 7: Desert Stream)

Oh no, another Grand Canyon video! Sorry!!! ... at this point of the hike we've been trekking for about 4 hours and descended 4000 feet into the canyon. We are about 7 miles into our 25 mile rim-to-rim day-long quest. We still have 8 more miles until we reach the Colorado River (where we begin going 10 miles uphill). During this section of the hike we encountered a creek flowing through the desert. It's Bright Angel Creek and it will accompany us for the next 8 miles. I LOVE having streams along hiking trails and this creek only adds to the splendor of God's amAZing playground. As I look around I'm reminded of 1 Timothy 6:17 that reminds us to put our hope in God, "who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment". I deeply appreciate that our enjoyment is important to the God who created us. I can only imagine that the father-heart of God overflows with joy as He watches His kids enjoy the provisions He made for us. What a great Dad!