Wednesday, May 8, 2024


Some of you already know that I'm on a termite prevention mission. I own a 1955 wood framed bungalow so termite prevention is essential. About 4 years ago I started renovating my livingroom, dining room, & kitchen by removing all the drywall. Then my parents' health went from really bad to way worse almost overnight. I put renovating on the back burner. It was around Christmas time so I covered all my exposed walls & insulation with Christmas wrapping paper. It stayed like that for a few years (so it was Christmas year round!) Honestly, there were many many times where it looked like I would never get to finish the renovations. For a few years I could see outside through all the exposed cracks & seams in the construction. Heating & cooling the house were very inefficient and small ants & insects became my new unwelcomed roommates. Several months ago I started taking back my life in Jesus name as I watch God "restore the years that the locust have eaten". Part of my TAKEback ATTACK is finishing what I started. Recently we removed all the wrapping paper and old insulation so I could start chipping away at the renovations. One of my missions is to remove all the drywall in my house and treat the wood with Bora Care (made from a naturally occurring mineral) that soaks into the wood and kills termites & many other things when they try eating the wood. The amazing thing is that Bora Care never fizzles... it soaks in and stays in the wood forever! It's a "one-and-done" treatment FOREVER!! (I love this product!!!) In fact, many insurance companies & building codes are requiring new wood construction homes to be treated with Bora Care. I also added a mold prevention and insect prevention to the project (Score!) so I'm excited about the future of this home! I treated all the areas which were once covered with wrapping paper and for a few days it looked like I lived in a log cabin! Now I'm preparing to thicken my walls to about 10 inches wide and air-seal & insulate each renovated area... turning an inefficient home into a very efficient home. It has been a loooong time coming, but progress is being made at the place that is not only my home, but also the headquarters of my ministry. Thank You Jesus for restoring time! What is impossible for man is possible with God =)