Saturday, May 25, 2024


Traci took Dad to the ER on Thursday night after he had a very rough few days of poor sleep, increased pain, increased exhaustion, and just overall feeling miserable. All his symptoms were pretty generic & somewhat regular so we thought he was just having a bad week from a lack of sleep. Dad hates going to the ER so when he said he thought he should go to the ER we knew this was more than just a bad week. Traci stayed with him in the ER till about 1am when they admitted Dad because tests showed he had fluid build up around the heart (called pericardial effusion) which makes it difficult for the heart to function. They believe it was a side effect from the 4 stents he recently had placed around the heart to open up the blood flow of arteries. Yesterday they removed the fluid around his heart, and instantly Dad was feeling much much much better!! We aren't sure how long he will be in Morton Plant Hospital (Clearwater), but he is doing good and they are taking great care of him. He has already made 10 new best friends and handed out about 25 Tomato Man pens hahaha!! Several staff, nurses, & doctors remember Dad from the past few years and are still using the pens he gave them from before hahaha! I got to visit Dad last night, and he wants to thank everyone for their love & prayers (we all do!!!). Thank you family & friends!!

Huge thanks to my "Sista" Traci for taking great care of our Dad!! I was sick fighting a pre-summer cold for about 5 days and was self isolating in my bedroom to keep from getting my Dad sick... then I got a text from my new homeowner's insurance that they are sending someone out to do an exterior inspection of my house & yard, and I've got all kinds of building material and GTD kayaks & equipment scattered everywhere from all of our work projects and from having to move everything to accommodate the crane, trucks, & trailers when the big oak tree in the backyard had to be cut down last month. I've been working the past 3 days majorly "tidying up", and have about 2 more days worth of work. It's looking good & coming together PTL. I needed to get all of this done anyways before hurricane season and before leaving to run our summer Adventure Trips in North Carolina. That's my status report from the past 10 days LOL!