Saturday, July 1, 2023

BOLO #2... BE ON THE LOOK-OUT for...



On June 13th a BOLO went out for 4 suspicious looking people disguised as suspicious looking people. At that time they were driving a white Ford F250 in North Carolina. We've recently received a new picture from an anonymous tipster of some of those same suspicious looking people (plus 2 new additional suspicious looking people) in Ducktown, Tennessee. It appears that these suspicious looking people are multiplying, and may have switched their mode of transportation from a white metal truck to a yellow rubber raft. Several witnesses describe these individuals as "suspicious" and "the complete opposite of unsuspicious". We are asking the public for help finding these suspicious looking people before something suspicious happens. If you see any of them please do not approach them, but rather contact your local authorities and hair salons. If possible, discretely take a picture of these suspicious looking people so that we can use our facial recognition software to help determine their identity. We do not know what to make of these suspicious looking people and do not want to cause a mass panic, but we do want the public to be aware and on a very heightened low-level alert. Some experts are theorizing that these "mustached marauders" are abnormally normal, but in a normally abnormal sense, and they may have an extremely rare but very common form of Hirsutism (a condition that causes excess hair growth especially above the mouth). This form of Hirsutism is considered extremely contagious and oftentimes requires a specialized surgery known as a fakemustache-ectomy to restore ones normal less-suspicious but still very-suspicious looking appearance. [END OF BOLO-02.07012023]

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