Thursday, July 13, 2023


The ZEAL School Of Ministry mission team is in full swing this week as they and the Iglesia Buen Pastor team canvas several neighborhoods in the area inviting children to daily VBS events in each community. 

If you saw my live video the other day, you saw a small glimpse into what these events look like. We are always so grateful for the IBBP church staff and volunteers who help to organize these days and work together with our teams. It’s beautiful to see the global church come together. 

We are two cultures, 3 ministries, with one mission…to share the good news…the message of salvation through Jesus Christ. 💕💕💕

The top right hand photo is a photo of the team of people who went out on day one to invite children to the first VBS of the week. Together we walked the communities and handed out invitations. For both teams it was a wonderful way to get to know the area and people better, and for  Going the Distance Adventure Ministry and ZSOM team it was an opportunity to practice our Spanish and build relationships with the church community. The people are so gracious and encouraging to us as we stumble over our words.  

I personally want to thank all the IBBP volunteers who are taking time out of their scheduled and school break to come help us and to be a part of these events with us and their church. It’s so special to us to work together with you all. THANK YOU!!!  We love you! 💕💕💕 (- Laurie)