Wednesday, February 22, 2023


Dad is scheduled for knee replacement surgery at 7.30a on Wed Feb 22nd (today). Please keep him in your prayers as he is considered high risk. He is concerned that they will cancel his surgery last minute like they did back in December. He hasn't been able to walk since Oct 1st and he wants to walk again so badly. Traci is taking him to the hospital. They have to be there by 5.30a (ouch!). I've got an amazing cousin and dear friend who have both come from out of state to help me (more like me helping them) to make some renovations and home improvements at my house for Dad for when he returns to my house. He will either be doing his rehab in a rehab facility or at Traci's house. If you want to help me with some construction projects for Dad call or text me. We are already off to a fast start. Much thanks to the friend who helped me prep for these projects over the past week! I'm so blessed to have really awesome people in my life. Thanks for your prayers for Dad!