Wednesday, April 27, 2022


One of the biggest and best news updates of late is that GTD has hired on one of our amazing volunteers as our part time Administrative Assistant!! We are overjoyed to welcome Kari Martindell to Team GTD!!!!
This is a position we've needed to fill for a loooong time, but with the most recent round of health issues with my parents it could not be delayed any longer. Our number one need right now is administrative personnel, and Kari is an Admin Rock Star!!
Behind every event GTD does is a ton of admin work. I'm a bit of a nerd so I've always loved doing the office work, but I need to move out of the way of the admin work so we can focus on the growth & expansion of GTD. Opportunities abound and I need to transition to walking through doors God is opening up to GTD. That's a much easier thing to do when you're blessed with competent, capable, driven, hard workers... as well as the reality before me that I'm unable to stay on top of anything in this chapter of my life. 
Kari will be like Sgt. Al Powell in Die Hard who shows up in the middle of the mess to help the injured & overwhelmed John McClane with capabilities & resources needed to overcome the situation at hand. Welcome to the party, pal!
I'll never forget when Kari went through our Volunteer Training a few years ago. She was moved to tears and felt like God was calling her into this ministry. Ever since she has been an amazing blessing to GTD and everyone who meets her. GTD just got waaaaay better with her addition! It's totally a God thing!
And it probably wouldn't have happened if I wasn't so exhausted and run down. This is one way that God is turning the iceberg I've hit into snow cones. I'm often reminded that God used persecution on the early church (read the book of Acts) to spread the gospel to the world. Maybe it's because our stubbornness or human tendencies, but sometimes God has to use rough measures to motivate needed actions. Thank you Heavenly Father!
Aaaaaaaaand more importantly, meet Kari Martindell:
“I’ve been volunteering since 2019 when I went on my first SLAMMED Adventure Trip! I immediately wanted to learn more about GTD. Doug’s passion for nature, fun, strong work ethics, and the Lord were unlike anyone’s I’ve ever met! Fast forward to 2022, and I’ve helped with 3 adventure trips, a few local public events, and I'm now helping in the God-awesomeness that is Going the Distance Adventure Ministry as the Admin Assistant!!”
"I was born in Pennsylvania, but grew up in Indiana. I went to Moody Bible Institute and graduated with my Bachelors degree in Elementary Education and Bible. I'm currently teaching 3rd Grade at Indian Rocks Christian School. My favorite verse right now is Jeremiah 31:35!"
Welcome to the party, Kari!