Monday, April 18, 2022

A belated Happy Easter from Morton Plant Hospital!

He is risen!! Mom loved her get-well cards from the fUntastic Zeitler kids! She is doing well as she recovers from Friday's surgery to repair a broken femur. In addition, she is being treated for another UTI (I think this is her 6th in 5 months... we've been using D-Mannose to help prevent UTI's & a great friend suggested Uqora). Yesterday we enjoyed hanging out together and watching the Rays game (Mom loves watching the Rays!). She is very confused as to why she is in the hospital so we keep showing her pictures from the incident and that helps a lot. When sundowners hits around 5pm it gets a little crazy (she wants to call her Mom to come pick her up and starts to try to take the IV & catheter out so she can get out of bed & get dressed so she can leave). But the great news is that the nurses station is stocked with ice cream (for her and for visiting guests)!! Ice cream is my Mom's Happy Place haha! Now everyday in the hospital can be a really good day :)