Monday, February 15, 2021


I can't thank our amazing donors & Ministry Partners enough for the outpouring of support you have blessed us with over the past 14 weeks. I'm thrilled to let you know that your donations have enabled us to purchase 30 new tents!!! 
We typically need to replace our tents after 2 years, but have been patching, tarping, & reapplying silicon waterproof spray to the rainflies in order to stretched the last batch of tents to 5 years. We also prayed a lot for clear weather (LOL!). The last batch of tents had completed their mission several times over. The poles were sagging. The rainflies were leaking. They had been called out of retirement too many times. And now we bid them a fond farewell! Thank you for your service! Enjoy your final retirement!! 
And now we welcome our next batch of tents! 
  - 10 new Coleman 8-person Skydome Tents
  - 10 new Coleman 4-person Highline Tents
  - 10 new Coleman 2-person Hooligan Tents
I've been taking advantage of some great sales so that we get the most bang for the buck. We were able to purchase all 30 tents for $2000!
We are getting ready to kick off our 2021 spring retreat season followed by our summer adventure season. It's so great to know that we will be supplying new tents to our participants!
Just as important, with COVID still a factor, we are able to pull in our other backpacking tents & cocoon hammocks so that we can offer up to 50 individual tents to 50 individual participants (or family units) so they can safely social dis"tents" instead of sharing a tent with someone else.
We are so thankful for the small army of donors that strongly supports GTD! Thank you all so much! God bless you!
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