Friday, December 18, 2020

COVID Update

 Just a quick update. Over the past 10 days my mom, sister, & Laurie have tested positive for COVID. My dad's test tube was compromised on the first test and then the results were inconclusive on the second test. He was pretty sick (flu-like symptoms) for about a week before testing so we think he was probably positive. He is currently waiting for the results from his third test attempt. I haven't had any symptoms and my test result was negative (although I like to be a positive person haha!). I housed Laurie upstairs for her quarantine so she would be away from my parents. She is just about finished and feeling much better. Traci is also on the mend. My mom's symptoms have been very mild (occasional headaches and nausea). Dad is feeling better now, but still recovering. Laurie & I went to get re-tested today. I continue to feel great and have been working outside all week doing a lot of heavy lifting and physical work... no hint of anything wrong. Its wild & crazy times and like the rest of the world we are navigating this thing the best we can day by day. I'm surprised it has taken this long to hit someone in our immediate family.

UPDATE: Dad's 3rd test results came back positive. He continues to feel better than he did 10 days ago.