Tuesday, November 10, 2020



We want to thank our longtime supporters David & Sherri Wilder for their generous donation of a 40 ft storage container to GTD!! This container has a lot of history with GTD. For over 15 years the Wilder's have allowed GTD to use this container at their place of business to store our gear & equipment. We've spent many hours working in "The Green Monster" (that's what I named it when we first started using it) organizing & storing our items. It has saved us thousands of dollars in rental fees from private mini storage. It has been a great asset to GTD! And now we are going to own it thanks to the Wilder's continued support of this ministry =) . I've always wanted to transform a storage container into a tiny home or a GTD office or a home gym or a cool looking storage unit. There are so many possibilities of what this can become!! One of the visions for GTD is to purchase inexpensive land for camps at strategic places throughout the US and build a tiny home on it for the Camp Director. Lord willing, this amazing gift will give us the opportunity to learn the in's and out's of building a tiny home / office for GTD's future camps. David & Sherri, THANK YOU SO MUCH for this wonderful gift to GTD aaaaaand for your years & years of loving support!! This is a great investment into the next 25 years of GTD!!
This container is valued at around $2500 and saves GTD about $1800 per year in rental fees. 
This is just another "outside the box" way to support non-profit organizations... actually I guess this is technically an "inside the box" way ;) 
PS: This Saturday & Sunday (Nov 14th & 15th) I could use some help cleaning out The Green Monster. Let me know in the comments below (or private message me) if you want to help =)