Wednesday, November 18, 2020


 It took a couple of days, but Carson & I cleared our newly donated 40' cargo container. It was full of old equipment I intended to one day repair as well as a lot of our old island camping gear, mountain boards, and outdated supplies. Unfortunately several years ago I didn't fully tighten a gallon canister of turpentine and it had evaporated out of the can and was absorbed into everything that's inside of the cargo container. The heavy odor is like "the beast"... it's in everything! In the past, if we wanted to salvage anything, we had to thoroughly clean it and let it sit outside and air out for about a month. In addition to the beast there were hundreds of carpenter ants and countless ant eggs... not to be undone by the multitude of roaches and roach turds everywhere... let's just say that I haven't stayed on top of the upkeep of the contents of this container for several years. We removed about 85% of the stuff (3 truck loads & 2 trailer loads). Much of it went to the dump and the other portion went to The Salvation Army. We kept about 15% of the stuff that was inside along with a ton of empty plastic containers we can clean and use to store gear. I see a whole lot of pressure washing in our future! Even though it was a nasty job and one of those chores I haven't wanted to tackle for years, it went soooooo smoothly and way faster than I anticipated... plus the weather was nice. I'm so happy to finally have that task checked off! Aaaaaand I was so happy to take a few thorough showers to de-nastify! Now on to the next step =)