Saturday, October 10, 2020


About 6 weeks ago (just before a series of bad storms) we cut down a tree that had major termite damage in my front yard. I hate losing a tree, but it had to be done. My Dad, Carson, and I formed a good team and my Dad loved cutting a few limbs like the good old days =).

Believe it or not I cut down the entire tree with a Ryobi 40v rechargeable battery operated chainsaw. 20 years ago I had a lawn service for a few years and used to do some basic tree trimming with a gas powered chainsaw. I never imagined the power that would one day exist in a battery powered chainsaw. Very impressed! I love how quiet it is, the lack of breathing gas fumes, and not having to listen to it run constantly in-between cuts.

I'm going to turn the main section of the tree into a landscaping feature that you can sit on near a small trickling stream from a small waterfall with flowers & vegetation growing out of some of the deep grooves in the main trunk which was caused by old termite damage. It will sort of look like something you would come across on a backpacking trip in the wilderness. Well, at least I can picture it in my mind that way haha =). 

The rest of the tree has already been cut up into firewood, and I'm looking forward to lots of campfires, cookouts, and outdoor movie nights this fall & winter =). Hopefully you guys can join us for one of those outdoor movie nights!