Wednesday, July 4, 2018


We are already savoring a God-awesome instant classic Adventure Trip with the high school youth group from Calvary Chapel Fellowship! Our 5 day adventure with this wonderful group of teenagers ended yesterday, but not before God encouraged, inspired, and impacted in significant ways. The group bonded closely to each other as they grew closer to God and were pushed & stretched beyond their comfort zones to new levels of growth & development in a very short amount of time. That's why we love camp... it's an incubator of accelerated mechanisms of growth. All the unknowns, unexpected challenges, "difficulties", "problems", new experiences, adventurous activities, time in God's Word, time in God's creation, time being pushed outside of your comfort zone, time away from technology & cell phones, time to use your imagination, time away from distractions and drama, time to be free, time to be creative, time to talk and play with others, time to take healthy risks together, time spent in an intentional & healthy environment absent of discouragement, time to cultivate authentic relationships, time to learn new things, time to sweat hard together, time to work hard together... it all adds up in a short amount of time to become a powerful set of mechanisms of growth, bonding, and personal development. We would wish it upon everyone!! But we were honored and blessed to experience it with this incredible group of young people and their leaders who all kept it real and kept the zeal!! Thank you CCF for the honor & privilege of hosting your youth summer camps! Thank you Jesus for all that you do and the ways that you do it! Glory to God!