Thursday, July 19, 2018


Ever wonder what we do between trips?

Sometimes we go recon new activity destinations within a 3-hour vicinity of our campsite.

Sometimes we do what we are doing now...
- laundry
- clean & prep for out next group
- make improvements and tend to any equipment maintenance issues (this week we are waterproofing our tent rainflies... have to do this every couple of years /// cleaning & organizing out vehicles /// cleaning & organizing the trailer /// adding solar lights to the kitchen area & showers)
- daily disciplines (working out, eating healthy, hydrating, great daily devotionals, and getting good sleep)
- checking out local things (we just discovered a warehouse supply store for farming equipment / rural living called "Rural King"... it's awesome!!)

Can't wait for our next group to arrive on Saturday!!! It's our 14-ish year of Adventure Trips with The Family Center on Deafness (FCD)!!! What a great tradition that we always look forward to!!!!