Sunday, June 3, 2018


I've got about 20 "first priority" projects that need immediate attention so this weekend I tackled sanitizing the shower and installing a new temporary toilet. I think it's pretty safe to say that most people want to start fresh when it comes to sanitary issues. The old toilet looks like it served well for many years, but it was definitely time to retire it. Although I will be duplicating the work by removing the toilet in a few months to restore the hardwood floods this was a necessary "duplicate project". Once the old toilet was removed it was obvious that there was a small leak that rotted away some of the flooring (I'm anticipating finding this scenario scattered throughout this 63 year old bungalow treasure, and I'm looking forward to the challenges ahead and all the knowledge & experience I will gain from each project). I removed a 2' x 3' section of old flooring to get a peak at the damage to the hardwood under the toilet. It's not time to tackle the restoration so I had to stop the leak, patch up the floor, and get the new toilet functional. It took several hours, but mission accomplished. The new toilet is leak free and flowing so well that it leaves me a little "flush" (lame joke alert). I'm sorry, I can't resist... I'm a real "commode-ian"! ;)

I'm loving being a homeowner and all that comes with it... full steam ahead =)